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Saluting The Johnsonia

We are sad to note the tragic fire that occurred at the Johnsonia recently. The devastating 6-alarm fire left the residents of 42 units without a place to live and destroyed the majority of their belongings. More than just a property was destroyed though, the Johnsonia was a symbol of dedication to a community.   
We are fortunate to call the Straight family not only our client, but also our friends. We witnessed firsthand how our client worked to build a property that represented the best in quality and commitment to their tenants. Clark and Matt worked tirelessly on every detail as they revitalized this historic property. They raised the bar and proved to critics that a city with hidden gems has so much to offer. Fitchburg and its people were proud of their city, knowing the fact it was home to such historic treasures as the Johnsonia.      
Much of the Straight family's renovations to the Johnsonia can be seen in the video brochure and television commercial we produced at A property worthy of its feature on WCVB TV's Chronicle just a short time ago.
We hope our friends support the Riverfront Music Festival to benefit the Johnsonia Building's Residents on August 6th.
The Fitchburg community has come together to organize this event on Riverfront Park, overlooking the Johnsonia Building, to raise funds to help these 60 people get their lives back to normal. Details at

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