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Senator McCain Announces Jim Burke to Chair Business Leaders Committee

MANCHESTER, NH - U.S. Senator John McCain's presidential campaign announced that Jim Burke will serve as Chair of the New Hampshire Business Leaders for McCain Committee. Burke, a New Hampshire businessman and principal of Burke Advertising of Bedford, NH, will organize business leaders and small business owners on behalf of Senator McCain's candidacy. "I share Senator McCain's fiscally conservative values and I am proud to be a part of his team," said Jim Burke, Chair of the New Hampshire Business Leaders for McCain. "Senator McCain will be a President who will take steps to foster growth, spur technological innovation, and create high-paying jobs for Americans and Granite Staters. John McCain believes in the American people and the entrepreneurial spirit that drives our economy. He will be a common sense steward of the economy who will keep America on a path of economic growth and prosperity. Senator McCain is a man of true principle and conviction who w