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Selected By Annalee Dolls

We have been selected by Annalee Dolls Inc to assist in marketing efforts including a new product launch.  The 75-year old seasonal gift and decoration company will launch their newest product The Loved Cub this year. The Loved Cub, with the tagline of Loved Once, Loved Again, is created by taking a cherished child's security blanket and handcrafting it into a one-of-a-kind bear that will continue the memories and love for generations.  Burke Advertising will provide creative campaign development, strategic consulting, and media services.   "From the early childhood memories of Annalee to the dolls I see in  friend's homes today, I know the important history of a brand that we are honored to be working for. The innovation and creativity that Annalee established over 75 years ago remains as alive and vibrant today," said Jim Burke, Founder and Creative Director of Burke Advertising. "We're excited to have been selected and to be part of the team that is bri

Unitil's SURE Project

Burke Advertising is proud to help Unitil communicate the System Upgrade for Reliable Energy (SURE) project, one of the largest, most aggressive capital improvement projects in the Company's history. The replacement of over 100 miles of cast iron and bare steel natural gas mains and services will start in Maine this spring. The SURE Project will modernize the gas system and allow the system to meet the growing demand for natural gas in Maine. For more information on the SURE project, click here .   

Pictures Can Tell The Story - Rivier College

Q - How do you communicate to a to a young audience the many exciting things happening at Rivier College? A - Dont say a word! We've launched a new television campaign last month for Rivier College featuring just campus shots set to the beat of an electric drum. Click To View

Bringing the Real World into the Classroom

Burke Advertising Account Planner Chris Cooper recently guest lectured in a North Shore Community College Advertising Mangagement class. Chris was imparting some real world knowledge and examples to bring to life what the students were learning in class. He was also preparing for when he begins teaching his own Advertising Management class in the fall.

Laughing With The Big Guys

It's not the size of your marketing budget, it's the power and creativity of your message. Our new campaign for Eaton & Berube Insurance highlights once again the advantages of a local agent. We've put a new twist on the burning question: "Can :15 Minutes Really Save You?" Yes, we have a good sense of humor in New Hampshire and we think the national guys do as well. Click to View

New Hampshire NeuroSpine Institute Selects Burke Advertising

Burke Advertising has been selected as the agency of record for the New Hampshire NeuroSpine Institute. Burke Advertising will provide creative campaign and website development, strategic consulting, and media planning including online marketing and social media services. “Burke Advertising is honored to be working with the medical professionals at New Hampshire NeuroSpine,” stated Jim Burke, Founder and Creative Director of Burke Advertising. With four integrated spine, brain and orthopedic centers across southern New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts, the New Hampshire NeuroSpine Institute provides patients with an individualized healthcare approach utilizing the professional expertise of orthopedic spine surgeons, neurosurgeons, orthopedic physicians, physical medicine specialists, and physical rehabilitation to achieve the highest quality of life for each patient.

Erin's Back From The Dominican Republic

Most people flee to the beautiful resorts of the Dominican Republic for a break from their hectic lives. While sipping on pina coladas by the pool, one wouldn't realize the poverty that exists outside of their resort in the true Dominican Republic. Erin and 30 other volunteers from the Manchester area spent a week in January with Orphanage Outreach in bateyes near Monte Cristi, DR providing medical care. The bateyes of the Dominican are home to sugar, rice, or banana plantation workers and their families. People that work and live in these bateyes often can't afford anything other than food and shelter, let alone medical care. Waking at sunrise each morning, the group of volunteers loaded the Orphanage Outreach trucks with suitcases full of medical supplies and headed to the batey. At the batey clinic site, families would be lined up waiting for the volunteers to arrive. After setting up the make-shift registration, triage, education, Dr's, and pharmacy stations, the vo

Banks Automotive - New Client Announcement

We are proud to announce our new client Banks Automotive. With over 200 employees, they are one of the largest dealerships in New England selling and servicing Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, SAAB and GMC brands. Since 1957, Banks Chevrolet-Cadillac, Inc. has been a family-owned and operated auto dealership in Concord, NH. Pictured is the new state of the art facility that is currently under construction. Burke Advertising is honored to be working for one of New England's most respected automotive dealerships. .