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Best Fitness: Results Campaign is Launched

RESULTS! That is what you are looking for from your health club and your marketing campaign. Check out the "No Excuses" campaign and TV spot we created for our client Best Fitness. We utilized a split screen and transition effects to show their multitude of fitness options, quality of the facilities and results-focused programs. A touch of humor is thrown in with literal bags of excuses that are handed off to the Best Fitness staff who "take away your excuses!" Best Fitness is one of the fastest growing fitness centers with operations throughout the Northeast. Watch!

Legacy Bridge

Not Just Kitchens Lends a Hand  Not Just Kitchens of Bedford is changing lives  with their non-profit organization Legacy Bridge Inc. Incorporated in 2005, Legacy Bridge began with the goal of aiding orphaned children in Russia by supplying basic amenities in orphanages. Legacy Bridge spends 100% of its donations on programs and supplies directly impacting the lives of children.  The volunteers work as they assist five orphanages serving over 350 children. Mark Davis from Not Just Kitchens is a founder of this fantastic organization and has traveled to Russia to see first hand their efforts in action. If you wish to support Legacy Bridge visit or visit the Not Just Kitchens showroom and purchase a raffle ticket for a chance to win tickets to a Red Sox game . Are you active in charitable work or do you have a charity of choice you would like us to feature? Email to be featured in an upcoming "Clients Who Care&

QR Codes That Make the Shopping Experience Better

How can you make your customers' shopping experience better? Try a QR Code. With this ad for our client Banks Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC, auto shoppers can see their inventory of new and used vehicles with just one click. Then, with their smart phone in hand, they can walk the Banks lot with the specific cars they're looking for in mind.  

Building A Better SnowSports Website: Launched

Ease of navigation is the first priority of any good e-commerce site. We have helped create a new site for Ken Jones Ski & Snowboard Mart of Nashua. now allows consumers to find the snowsports products they are looking for with ease. With detailed graphics and new zoom feature, ski and snowboard shoppers can get a close-up view of products as if they're right in the store with them. A search engine optimization strategy was another key element for a client like Ken Jones Nashua who has such a large selection of products and brands. We made social media promotions fun and easy for visitors, and with our "Free Tune-ups for Life" contest, we are sure to build lists of friends and customer loyalty. Check out the site today and keep coming back to see new products added daily:  

Meet Hannah Cametti

We would like to welcome our new intern, Hannah Cametti to the Burke Advertising team. Hannah is entering her senior year at the University of New Hampshire's Whittemore School of Business and Economics as a Business Administration major specializing in Marketing. Hannah hopes that her internship with Burke Advertising will be the perfect experience to supplement her marketing education and will help to launch her future in advertising. Hannah enjoys maintaining an active lifestyle in every season, but her main passion is skiing. Hannah has traveled to many locations worldwide for competitive ski racing events. When there isn't snow on the ground, Hannah can be found running, swimming, or just relaxing on the beach with a book in her hand.   This summer, Hannah will be assisting the Burke team with a variety of different tasks to garner a full understanding of exactly how an advertising agency operates. Say hello to Hannah during your next visit, meeting, vid

Book Corner: Life by Keith Richards

One of the first jobs Keith Richards applied for in his youth was at a London advertising agency. Lucky for the music world though, he decided on rock and roll. This may be a small connection, but the main reason I selected the autobiography Life is because he represents a product and brand that has lasted for over forty years. Like or dislike Rolling Stones music, you have to appreciate their ability to adapt to changing trends without sacrificing artistic integrity. They've maintained their popularity decade after decade in a market that is constantly changing. Comedians use their age as a punchline all the while they are filling stadiums with fans year after year. With the brilliant marketing of their trademark tongue and being the first band to have corporate sponsorships of a rock tour, the Rolling Stones are truly a study in good business. The book Life has to be one of the most honest biographies I have ever read. Richards is candid about the darkest moment

Top 10 Reasons to... Have a "Top 10 List" in Your Next eMail

From the famous Dave Letterman nightly segment to the random  Top 10 G.I. Joe Vehicles of the 1980's , the Top 10 List has become one of the most overused methods to deliver content over the last century. Yet you can barely turnaround before you stumble across another one. In fact, Google 'top 10 list' and you'll find more than 558 million hits on the web. So why do they continue to proliferate? What better way to answer that question than in our own:   Top 10 Reasons You Should Still Consider Using Top 10 Lists 10.    In theory, people want to read what you have to say, but in practice they never have the time. A Top 10 list will just about cover your reader's 15-sec attention span. 9.    If it worked for Dick Clark, Dave Letterman, Roger Ebert and People magazine, who's to argue? 8. Whether it's the Top 10 Greatest Sporting Moments of all time or the Top 10 Songs of the Hair band era, we all have an opinion and we all want it to be heard. 7.    Every

New TV Spot for The New Hampshire NeuroSpine Institute

Check out the new TV spot we produced for client New Hampshire NeuroSpine Institute. The "Caring for the quality of your life" campaign highlights the commitment to the betterment of patients' lives using their unique team approach combined with the latest technology. NHNSI specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of Neurosurgical, Spine and Orthopedic conditions. They have four locations in Bedford, Exeter, Concord, New Hampshire and Methuen, Massachusetts and can be found online at

Agway Tractor Cross Promotion

Traffic Driving Tractor Give-Away What better way to drive traffic than a tractor? Burke Advertising cross promoted with our Agway stores and Toreku Tractor for a Snapper tractor give-away. This promotion allows all visitors to win a new tractor that is displayed in each store. Everyone who enters with will be notified of the winners name via email and still receive generous coupons from Agway as well as the chance to purchase the tractor if they did not win. This is the final weekend of this fun promotion. &

Saluting The Johnsonia

We are sad to note the tragic fire that occurred at the Johnsonia recently. The devastating 6-alarm fire left the residents of 42 units without a place to live and destroyed the majority of their belongings. More than just a property was destroyed though, the Johnsonia was a symbol of dedication to a community.     We are fortunate to call the Straight family not only our client, but also our friends. We witnessed firsthand how our client worked to build a property that represented the best in quality and commitment to their tenants. Clark and Matt worked tirelessly on every detail as they revitalized this historic property. They raised the bar and proved to critics that a city with hidden gems has so much to offer. Fitchburg and its people were proud of their city, knowing the fact it was home to such historic treasures as the Johnsonia.       Much of the Straight family's renovations to the Johnsonia can be seen in the video brochure and television commercial we produced at www.