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We may not post every time someone in our office gets up to get a cup of coffee, but you may find a few interesting posts to laugh or think about. Become a fan of the Burke Advertising Facebook page and enrich your life or just have another excuse to cyber-loaf. Burke Advertising on facebook

Brand Your Event

Are you looking to brand your company events? Wisconsin based cabinet manufacturer Holiday Kitchens was. Every summer they hold a conference for kitchen dealers from across the nation. This year, they were looking to add a little excitement... and "HK Nation" was born. Working with Holiday Kitchens, Burke Advertising designed the look of the HK Nation brand. At the conclusion of the weekend, the event guest were given t-shirts who now proudly wear them throughout the "nation". When branding your event, design matters. Remember to create a design that will appeal to the taste of your audience. In other words, don't miss the opportunity to have people wear your design and not let it collect dust in their closet. You want that logo shown off well after the event is over. Holiday Kitchens is a Burke Advertising client located in Rice Lake, Wisconsin.

Offering Video To Your Customers

Offering Video To Your Customers InBrella Launches New DVD When Burke Advertising recently produced a new long form video for InBrella Systems, we realized we could not rely on only on web streaming. For over ten years we have used the "Free Video" offer to attract leads. Yes, it started as a VHS tape for those of you who remember those. If we simply posted the video online, we were concerned we'd remove an incentive to pick up the phone and call our client. As it turns out, even with the video online, the free DVD offer continues to generate sales with the highly targeted group of Facilities Directors. If you are producing a long form video, utilize the web, but also consider your audience and if they would want something to touch, feel and pass around. It is still a popular handout at tradeshows and it is also an inexpensive way of saying "give us a call". Burke Advertising Videos

Goodbye WBCN

Thanks WBCN for introducing some of us to The Clash, The Ramones, and U2. Hard to say goodbye, but it was also hard to listen the last few years. (I guess I was not alone) Boston radio will never be the same without "The Rock of Boston" and the history they created. In 1980 it seemed like one station in America was playing u2, and that station with the artistic freedom was WBCN. Today nationally there are not many stations that would be willing to take the chances WBCN did for it's first few decades. We are lucky in the Boston market to have stations like WXRV "The River" who are independent, and offer a new artist now and than and keep music first. Yesterday WFNX reported CBS is moving Mix 98.5 to 104.1. The WBCN frequency will become a new, all-sports station--apparently to be dubbed the Sports Hub. WFNX will be the big winner with this demographic. The bad news could be for WEEI who has owned this sports market for so long. Stay tuned New England, it is go