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Nice story about our client Rivier University hiring former Nashua Pride slugger Glenn Murray as its hitting coach. #
Unitil "Switch This Summer" campaign.
We toured the NEW location for our client Proctor Ski & Board, and can not wait for the grand opening that is coming soon!
If you're browsing the Bruins Alumni magazine you'll see how our client Ares Construction has scored! Their project work on the Blackstone Valley Ice Arena in Hopedale, MA will be featured in ad we created for the next issue.

Remarketing With Facebook

Are you being followed? We have been using Google remarketing for years, and we love when a client's ad follows visitors to their website. Now Facebook is offering this powerful marketing tool. You've probably noticed when ads for companies and brands you visited on the web start following you on different sites. For several years we've worked with clients to build remarketing campaigns that increase conversions and make online campaigns highly effective. You've also probably recently noticed this same type of remarketing while viewing walls, pages or the newsfeed on Facebook. Remarketing or retargeting on Facebook works very similar to other remarketing programs. If a visitor comes to your site and learns about your products, but leaves before purchasing, you can display your ads to them on Facebook later. The ads appear either on the right hand side of the screen or can be part of a user's newsfeed. This helps bring your visitors back to your site and