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Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

This past April, 73 million mobile phone users accessed their browsers. According to Stone Ward Research, this is a 31% increase from last year. More and more consumers will be accessing sites through their handheld devices rather than laptops or desktop computers. Your company's website must be compatible with handheld devices ranging from iPads to flip phones. The differences between the two, and all mobile phones in between, are large and encompass many different factors. Burke Advertising has made mobile a priority for client websites and their online marketing strategy. We have always focused on improving client's SEO and online marketing, but now we will see to it that your company has a mobile-ready website that will impress and keep more consumers visiting your page. More

LAARS, LAARS, LAARS, but you only have to say it once

A few weeks ago, LAARS Heating Systems brought us an interesting challenge. Although they have been manufacturing boilers for over 50 years and serve builders, contractors and architects from around the world, they have little brand identification with the end user of their residential products - the homeowner.           The challenge they presented us was to find a way to increase their brand awareness with homeowners while at the same time building relationships with their resellers and contractors. Our answer was the "LAARS, LAARS, LAARS" campaign. We created a TV, radio and online campaign that highlighted their unique marketing position through dialogue that focuses on their name. Our "plumber" can't stop saying "LAARS" because all he does every day is recommend and install LAARS boilers. The creative was designed to be taggable for use with any LAARS reseller or

The Ultimate Ski & Ride Makeover

This winter, we've created a promo that could make one skier very happy. Ken Jones Nashua has filled a car at Peters of Nashua with ski gear. If the value of the car and equipment are guessed correctly, one lucky person will win "The Ultimate Ski & Ride Makeover." The prize includes about $10,000 worth of ski gear and a brand new $30,000 car (hint hint). The campaign promotes both Ken Jones and Peters with a fun, email address-collecting, and brand-building event. Check out the microsite we created for more details at www. ski makeover .com.

Using Your Video

Are you utilizing your video footage to its fullest? We have taken the video we created for the InBrella System and offered the footage to their online catalog re-sellers. Rather than just static images, online stores can educate and sell with video. Videos are sometimes created for one purpose, but can often be utilized in a different arena. To learn more about InBrella, visit To find out how your existing video footage or TV spot can be optimized for other avenues, or to create something new, contact Burke Advertising today.