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Increase the ROI of Website Visitors: Remarketing

What are you doing to increase the ROI on visitors to your website? A remarketing campaign can give you the lift you're looking for. Remarketing allows you to reach people who previously visited your website, and match the right people with the right message. You can show users these messages as they browse sites across an ad display network (for example the Google Display Network). Let's say you are an online retailer who sells printers and TVs. You can show TV ads to those people who visited the TV section, and you can cross-sell, up-sell, and promote other relevant products: surround sound systems or DVD players, for example. Here's how it works: We add a piece of code (remarketing tag) to pages of your site that correspond to certain categories you want to promote. For example, adding a tag for "TV" on all of the pages where you sell TVs will let you later show relevant TV ads to everyone who visits those pages. Remarketing is a tool that can dri

Can :15 Minutes Really...

It’s not the size of your marketing budget, it’s the power and creativity of your message. Our new campaign for Eaton & Berube highlights once again the advantages of a local agent.