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Burke Ad Meets Tom Brady and Julian Edelman

Some days you learn, some days you are inspired, and for Burke Advertising, NAC 2017 provided both. Jim got to meet Patriots' Tom Brady and Julian Edelman this month and hear powerful business lessons from speakers including Tony Robbins, Marcus Lemonis from The Profit and Kevin O'Leary from Shark Tank.

Is a Spokesperson Right For Your Brand?

The spokesperson has been a staple of advertising campaigns since well, the beginning of advertising. Why? Because it's effective of course    From the celebrity (Michael Jordan and Nike) to the Average Joe (Hello Flo!) who represents a persona, we tend to trust recommendations, especially from those we like or admire.  But if you're looking to utilize a spokesperson in your next campaign, make sure you choose wisely. We all remember the "Can You Hear Me Now"- guy from the Verizon Wireless campaign who touted the superiority of their network for years. But the tables turned on Verizon when he reappeared in a campaign for their rival, Sprint. What once was an iconic campaign became an embarrassing liability. Spokespeople are effective and we have and will continue to use them for our clients and there's always a few rules we follow:  Have a contract with your spokesperson  Make sure your agreement lays out a non-compete for a number years past when

Mel's Funway Video Slice

With summer finally arriving, there's no better place to go for family fun than Mel's Funway Park! We produced this TV spot for our client to highlight just how diverse they are, offering something for everyone, including batting cages, mini golf, and personal and corporate events.

Make the most of your walls!

Make the most of your walls! We created a life sized wall graphic for our client Cold Springs RV to host their digital survey. Feedback from your customers is extremely important, so why not promote a digital survey that is fun and makes the most of your space?