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Burke 2014 Halloween Party

Costumes are on, decorations are up, and the Burke team is ready for our Halloween party! Any calls after 3pm could be scary! Click here to see more pictures.

Target Students and Their Parents

Targeting potential students and their parents at the same time can be challenging. We were able to connect with both audiences in this new TV campaign we've produced for our client Academy of Notre Dame in Tyngsboro. Highlighting their unique marketing position in a fun, upbeat spot will drive traffic to their Open House events. Click here for more.

Company Spokesperson

We have launched a new social media campaign for our client LAARS. Our spokesperson, Recommendation Ray, is now offering consumers a chance to win a new LAARS boiler or $500 for their recommendations. He recommends LAARS. Click here for more.

Are your Knees in Check?

Congratulations to our client MDfitness. Their article "5 Smart Exercises to Support Your Knees" was featured on this month. Dr. Tom Kleeman explains the benefits of exercise, and how it can actually improve knee arthritis. Click here for more info.

Tell Your Story- Academy of Notre Dame

To watch video click here We have produced this influential new video for our client, The Academy of Notre Dame. For years, the high school has inspired and motivated generations of young women to achievement and leadership. We're proud to deliver such a message through visual media. Click here for more info.

Electoral Window Blues for Media Buyers

Media buyers like us cannot wait for Election Day, not because we want to vote, but so we can have more media options back with less clutter! The political window that started back in September will be over November 4th. In our 20 years of media buying in New Hampshire and Boston, we have never seen such a crazy fluctuation in broadcast media inventory. With negative ads as a major component, many viewers just tune out. Media placement can be like any good political campaign because victory comes down to planning and execution. This cycle will end in a few short days, but in our home state of New Hampshire, the upcoming presidential primary campaign ads will start as early as next year. Be prepared and don't forget to vote on Tuesday! Here at Burke Advertising we always keeping our clients' best interest in mind when scheduling spots and work closely to ensure ads are reaching their target market.

Letting Your Customers Choose

When customers choose their incentive, the opportunity for engagement increases. Our client Proctor Ski & Board is letting skiers and boarders "Pick their Poison." The best selection of women's snowboards in southern NH now come with this Pick your Posion deal. Click here for more.

We Recommend Ray

Click here to watch Ray's video. We've just launched a new campaign for our client LAARS. Introducing Recommendation Ray, who started as a simple idea from the creative thinkers at Burke Advertising and is now promoting LAARS through visual, audio, and social media. Check out his Facebook page for even more on Ray! This creative was used to target contractors to help them generate leads through direct mail. We also produced this TV spot that will be targeting consumers. Our social media aspect is encouraging consumers to interact with Ray on Facebook, by posting what they recommend. Click here to learn more.

New Client Update

We are proud to announce that Best Fitness has chosen Burke Advertising as agency of record. Burke Advertising will provide strategic consulting, media planning, creative development and online marketing. Best Fitness is a growing with eleven locations in states across the northeast including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Pennsylvania. As one of our first projects for Best Fitness, we've created TV graphics for our client Best Fitness. Multimedia systems and billboards can allow you to stay fresh, without the cost of printed collateral. These graphics are used to announce special events, motivational quotes, class schedules, and new programs that are offered in each gym. Here is one of the graphics we created that is being utilized by Best Fitness through out all eleven locations with the click of a button! Click here for more info.

Fashionable Rebranding

Tap into the power of your brand! Our client Proctor Ski & Board has rebranded this year and they are successfully making their logo fashionable. The Ski and Board store is now offering apparel with these great items. Click here to check out more.

Logos With Hidden Messages

Here are two of our favorite logos with hidden messages. British plastic card maker Oomph has collected 40 such logos—check them on the link below. Beats, Amazon and the Tour de France are really cool. How many of these sneaky messages would you have spotted without the help?  Click here for more.

New Hampshire NeuroSpine "Owns the Bone"

Congratulations to our client New Hampshire NeuroSpine Institute. They have been recognized as a star performer by the American Orthopaedic Association in the 2015 edition of U.S. News & World Report's Best Hospitals. Click here for more info on NH NeuroSpine Institute.

New TV spot for our client Proctor Ski & Board

Click here to watch We have produced a new TV spot for our client Proctor Ski & Board. They have adding a ski swap to their famous Columbus Day weekend sales event. That’s right Proctor Ski & Board will help consumers get cash for the new ski and snowboard gear they want.

Sports Legends with Travis Roy

Kayla was on location today with Travis Roy and Bob Lobel. Travis spoke about his foundation, BU Hockey and Coach Jack Parker. The Travis Roy Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the life of individuals with spinal cord injuries and their families by providing adaptive equipment and to finding a cure through increased funding of research, resulting in self-reliance and the ability to be as independent as possible. Click here for more on the Travis Roy Foundation .

The Power Crowdfunding and a Future Movie

Crowd funding can help fund your next big project. Take a look at our friend, Jack Heath's next big project! His Book Salem VI is now becoming a major block buster. The feature film CHAIN OF SOULS, is based off the first book of Heath's trilogy. Salem VI is a paranormal thriller that tells the true stories of the Salem Witch Trials from over 300 years ago, but is set in modern time Salem, MA. Click here for more info .