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Using The Snowy Weather To Your Advantage

The record-breaking snow has had an impact on sales in many industries. How do you make the best of a snowy situation? Create a campaign that gives people a reason to celebrate the snow! In the current campaign for our client Best Fitness, new members will be able to work out for free until all the snow has melted.

This Weekend's Legend

Jim along with Derek Sanderson, this weekend's guest on our show Sports Legends New England.

Wildco PES Selects Burke Advertising

We're proud to announce that Wildco PES has chosen Burke Advertising as their agency of record. Wildco PES is the East Coast's leading provider of comprehensive petroleum equipment sales and service. They work major petroleum suppliers, independent retailers, contractors, and numerous private and public sector customers from Virginia to Maine.

Start A Conversation With Candy Hearts

Here's an early Happy Valentine's Day to all you candy heart lovers! We hope you didn't wait until the last minute to buy a card, chocolates, and candy hearts. Necco has been making these conversation starters for well over a century and this year they're adding a few new sayings to the bunch! "Pugs & Kittens," "BFF," and even a mustache emoji made the cut this year. What's your favorite candy heart saying?

Mad Men Chops Episode And Asks Fans To Reshoot

Mad Men Chops Its Pilot Episode Into 154 Clips and Wants Fans to Reshoot Each One The best will get stitched together into a Fan Cut By David Gianatasio

Utilizing Facebook's "Dark" Posts

Using social media is one of the best ways to reach your target market by age, location, and likes! More recently, Facebook "dark posts" have become a well-liked tool among advertisers. Facebook "dark posts," otherwise known as "unpublished posts," are posts that will not show up on your timeline, yet will still show up in the newsfeed of your targeted audience.  This gives advertisers total control over who can see that message, and allows for the creation of posts solely for the purpose of advertising. One of the greatest advantages to using "dark posts" is the ability to test different messages without cluttering your timeline. For a client like Best Fitness that has 11 fitness locations and 11 different Facebook pages, using "dark posts" is an efficient way to manage their Facebook advertising, while catering each message to a specific geography. Below is an example of a "dark post" from our New Year, New You ca