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Selected By Annalee Dolls

We have been selected by Annalee Dolls Inc to assist in marketing efforts including a new product launch.  The 75-year old seasonal gift and decoration company will launch their newest product The Loved Cub this year.

The Loved Cub, with the tagline of Loved Once, Loved Again, is created by taking a cherished child's security blanket and handcrafting it into a one-of-a-kind bear that will continue the memories and love for generations. Burke Advertising will provide creative campaign development, strategic consulting, and media services. 

 "From the early childhood memories of Annalee to the dolls I see in 
friend's homes today, I know the important history of a brand that we are honored to be working for. The innovation and creativity that Annalee established over 75 years ago remains as alive and vibrant today," said Jim Burke, Founder and Creative Director of Burke Advertising. "We're excited to have been selected and to be part of the team that is bringing such a great and heart-warming product to market."

For over 75 years, Annalee seasonal gifts and seasonal decorations have brought the perfect sense of joy and magic to homes around the world for any holiday or occasion. Founded by Annalee Davis Thorndike, Annalee Dolls has been designing felt dolls for 75 years. The unique facial expressions and whimsical designs have created a devoted following from generation to generation. With the launch of The Loved Cub, the company brings seven plus decades of creativity and design experience to establish a new category of treasured family gifts.

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