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An Open Letter to Jeff Bezos - Fire Your Agency

Dear Jeff Bezos,

You have one the best products in your category, and maybe the true first-to-mass-market digital e-book reader. I love my Kindle and I've been singing its praises for almost a year.

However, I'm excited to get my new iPad this month. You see Jeff, when you created, you highlighted the benefits of buying books online - but the iPad is going to change the category. Though that doesn't mean the Kindle can't maintain a large niche in the market place.

So Mr. Bezos, why is your advertising agency trying to just be clever or cute with your television spots? Rather than educate the market on the Kindle's unique features (that actually set it apart from the iPad), your creative campaigns dazzle with catchy songs and interesting graphics that tell us nothing. What are the folks at Apple doing? Telling the world what the iPad does.

Why not mention the Kindle's FREE lifetime web access (iPad will have a monthly fee), your paper-like display that allows you to read it in direct sunlight, like on the beach, or heck, how about the cost difference? Instead, the Kindle is little more than a prop in the spot, while the iPad is the must-have device in a commercial that teases the audience with features.

So like we tell our clients every day, highlight your unique market position, because maybe even Steve Jobs will want to read an e-book on a sunny beach, and he will need a Kindle.


Jim Burke

Loyal Kindle reader and future iPad owner

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