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2010 RV Market May Be A Good Indicator

The year 2010 rolled in with a gloomy predecessor, but if the camping industry is any indication, we have a bright future to look forward to! According to Cold Springs RV General Manager Scott Silva, "The Boston RV Expo was wildly successful for us; we sold more units than the years before!"

This year's show was a sigh of relief for the New England camping industry, due to the show's cancellation last year. Many RV manufacturers could not participate and faced declining sales due to the poor economy. Many dealers cut their inventory, suppliers slowed production, and the industry as a whole seemed to be severely affected by the economic downturn.

This year though, business was booming! Cold Springs RV was ready for the upswing in the economy and planned ahead by ordering the newest RVs for the 2010 camping season to debut and sell at the Boston show. "It was a great event, and I hope that it is indicative of what's to come for the rest of the year," Scott told us.

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