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On Location at NH Eye

It is important to remember a few tips while grabbing footage of an interview. One tip is to try and make your clients feel as comfortable as possible so that they can answer questions with ease and at their own pace. The most important part of shooting footage is to prepare the questions before the interview to ensure that you are asking the right questions in order to receive accurate and significant information in return. Chris is on location at NH Eye Associates capturing interviews of our client's outstanding doctors, including their new pediatric ophthalmologist. The footage will be used across multiple mediums including television, online video marketing and social media.

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In Studio with Straight Real Estate Solutions

It's wrap! Fun day in the studio today, with the great team from Straight Real Estate Solutions. 
Regardless of your industry, video bios are a powerful way for your customers to get to know your brand. You and your employees are the driving force behind your company’s success.
What better way to showcase their personality and talent than by letting the world see them and hear their stories?

We recently went into the studio with our client, Straight Real Estate Solutions to showcase Matt Straight and his amazing team. We created video bios that are utilized on their website as well as welcoming social media messages for Facebook and Instagram.
Visit the new site and watch the video bios at: